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Gang Road

Pepe Gang: Defy. Prosper. Repeat.

Roadmap: Building the Future of Pepe Gang

Welcome to the roadmap section, where we'll take you on an exciting journey through the milestones and achievements that lie ahead for Pepe Gang. We've carefully crafted a roadmap that outlines our strategic vision and the steps we'll be taking to shape the future of our community.
Phase 1: Gang Formation
Phase 2: Community Expansion
During this phase, we'll focus on building the foundation of Pepe Gang. We'll establish a robust community platform, including a user-friendly website and a vibrant social media presence.
  • Pepe Gang Creation
  • Gang Website Development
  • Gang Whitepaper Development
  • Work on Social Media Gang Style
  • Build Gang Community
  • KYC, Audit & SAFU Undergoing
Expanding our community will be our top priority in this phase. We'll roll out extensive marketing campaigns to attract new members and increase awareness of Pepe Gang's mission.
  • Global Gang Marketing Campaign
  • Gang Google Ads
  • Gang Twitter Marketing Campaign
  • Partnerships with Gang Influencers
  • Social Media Ads Campaign
Phase 3: Rebel Fair Launch
Phase 4: Global Influence
In this phase, we'll Fairlaunch our own token on Pinksale, the $PGG, which will serve as the backbone of our ecosystem. We'll also introduce referral programs and incentives to reward our existing members for their continuous support and contributions.
  • Fair Launch on Pinksale
  • Baddest Giveaways
  • Gang Referral Program
  • More Partnerships
In this final phase, we'll solidify Pepe Gang's position as a major player in the crypto space. We'll launch $PGG and we'll explore strategic partnerships with established organizations to bring Pepe Gang's values and benefits to a wider audience.
  • Launch on UniSwap
  • World Partnerships
  • New Global Gang Members
  • World domination and Wealth for All